Boat Stuf Financing

Boat Stuf is proud to offer competitive financing options. They search many banks that specialize specifically in marine financing, getting the best possible rates due to their volume. Another benefit of financing through Boat Stuf is that it is a one stop shop. They can offer insurance, extended service contracts, credit life and the marine loan all rolled into one package that you sign the day of the delivery. There are no “closing” hassles trying to go to and from the bank endlessly to sign and double check information. Not to mention, most banks are leery of marine loans as they are unaware of the rules and paperwork involved with them. Here at Boat stuf, we handle all of that for you!

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Yamaha Credit Card/Installment Loans

Yamaha offers revolving credit or installment loans for anyone purchasing a Yamaha outboard. You may also use the credit card for anything in any Yamaha dealership in the country once a Yamaha product has been purchased. You may purchase anything from a fuel tank to service