Pre-Launch Checklist

Quick Checks

With a few quick checks before launching your boat, you could avoid some major problems before they cause real issues.  We recommend performing this Pre-Launch Checklist, from Yamaha’s “Maintenance Matters”, each time before you go boating to ensure enjoyment and safety.

Here are some of the quick highlights to check:

  • Verify your vessel is compliant with all boating laws
  • Check fire extinguisher, first aid kit, visual and audible distress signals
  • Check throw-able type IV PFD
  • Make sure all passengers have properly fitting lifejackets, or PFDs
  • Prepare a tool kit with extra wire, spare fuses, spark plugs, prop and nut, hoses and clamps, etc.


Pre-Launch Checklist

Here is our full checklist that we recommend you follow before each boating trip:

  1. Inspect dock and heaving lines
  2. Check navigation lights
  3. Check anchor and tackle
  4. Inspect trailer winch
  5. Care for rear wheels of your tow vehicle the same as trailer wheels (see #9)
  6. Ensure registration numbers are properly displayed, plus current registration and other necessary 5 documentation is onboard
  7. Ensure trailer hitch and safety chains are secure, and inspect trailer wires and connections
  8. Check hull for damage, soft spots or blistering
  9. Grease bearings, ensure lug nuts are tight and not rusting, check tire tread and pressure
  10. Test bilge pump
  11. Check gauges
  12. Test marine radio
  13. Check magnetic compass, charts and navigation tools
  14. Check engine oil for level and color
  15. Check fuel system for leaks (visual and “sniff test”). Check fuel level for trip (1/3 out, 1/3 return, 1/3 spare)
  16. Ensure battery connections are clean and tight
  17. Replace anodes if over half gone
  18. Check propeller for damage, shaft for debris, prop nut torque
  19. Test trim, tilt supports and inspect rams. Ensure proper trailer support is used
  20. Ensure scuppers are clear, bilge clean and drain plug installed
  21. Check transom for cracks
  22. Inspect trailer bunks for damaged boards or torn carpet
  23. Ensure trailer lights are sealed and working


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